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Liberty helicopter on Pier 6 before departing with passengers

Liberty Helicopter tours price list

Allow me to lay out all costs associated with Liberty Helicopter tours; with a useful chart laying out all current prices.

Liberty Helicopter prices average around $200.00, over 5 available tour options. When taking a flight out of NYC, there is a compulsory free paid to Pier 6 Heliport by all arrivals, no exceptions. With nothing to pay out of New Jersey or any other costs to be paid unless stated.

Knowing that prices can change from month to month, I hope you will be sure to check the prices on their site as to avoid any surprises.

Liberty Helicopter tour prices across all five options will cost £200, give or take a few dollars - depending on the one you choose.

Its always cheaper to depart New Jersey along with what will hopefully be free customer parking on site, and if available.

On the other side in downtown Manhattan, costs sky-rocket when taking in public transport.

However, one free you won't get out of its the $40.00 cost that the Pier 6 helicopter charge per customer.

All additional prices are outlined below, but you will want to checkout Liberty Helicopters regularly, as they do drop prices from time to time.

Current Liberty Helicopter tour prices

Here are the current 2020 Liberty Helicopter tour prices as they stand; its possible prices can rise or at a drop of a hat, so be sure to double check.

Package Name: Departure: Duration: Fee: Price:
New York, New York NYC, NY 18 Minutes $40.00 $275.00
The Big Apple NYC, NY 12 Minutes $40.00 $180.00
City Lights Ride Kearny, NJ 15 Minutes NO $200.00
NYC Sunset Tour Kearny, NJ 15 Minutes NO $200.00
Harbor View Tour Kearny, NJ 10 Minutes NO $149.00

Liberty Helicopter prices can be stated in three separate ways; list price, discount price or a price that is more permanent, even as it contradicts the list price.

So with that its not always possible to get the prices right all the time as they are always moving around.

My price list above states just 5 New York City helicopter tours with a departure out of New York City or Kearny in New Jersey.

Duration of helicopter tour can vary and so times stated are never a guarantee.

So with that I've tried to be a little more pessimistic as to not disappoint you; so the minutes I have listed are what will hopefully be the minimum flight time.

NYC Heliport FEE

When taking a Liberty Helicopter tour out of downtown Manhattan, know there is a huge $40.00 fee applied to all arrivals.

Its not a price that relates to Liberty, but a price that helps cover the cost of operations on the Pier 6 heliport.

City helicopter departure locations do tend to be more pricier, as its covers costs such as this - so its not a rip off or an unusual extra charge.

Remember all fee's will have to be settled in order to continue with your flight, before taking to the helicopter out on the heliport.

Downtown Pier 6 helicopter ride departures is a spot that is reachable for all tourists into the city, but there is one more option.

That is taking a Liberty Helicopter tour via their Kearny base in New Jersey.

If you know you can reach this less busier, yet NO FREE departure location, then be sure to jump onto public transport - with a little walk expected.

FREE New Jersey departures

If you're local or within reach of New Jersey, you might want to shoot over there as there's no fee associated with Liberty Helicopter's NJ base.

Located in South Kearny on the west side of the Passaic River; take the bus or sub to come into a short distance from the base.

You really should consider taking a Liberty Helicopter tour out of New Jersey as you're sure to get what will be a more grander flight then a direct Manhattan departure.

Departing Kearny, the flight route may follow highway 9 or a similar safe passage before flying over the Hackensack River, near to Jersey City with then the Hudson River in sight.

In this approach the New York City skyline soon come into sight and is a spectacular sight to see.

The Liberty Helicopter's helicopter will then join the safe flight path mostly over the water well taking in the Statue of Liberty, New One World Trade Center, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Manhattan Bridge and the Verrazano Bridge.

Don't forget to lookout for attractions within Manhattan including views of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

Public transport

Costs associated with Liberty Helicopter tours will also cost more as you travel to one of the two locations.

If you're visiting Manhattan from out of town or you're a tourist coming in from abroad, there are options, but not so much in a way that are easy to follow.

So in the Manhattan location you will want to consider taking a nice stroll to Pier 6 on the banks of the East River, as the cheapest option.

That way you get more photography opportunities well making sure no attractions will be missed along the way.

If you decide to arrive by vehicle, there's no parking open to the public so Liberty recommend the closest parking lot to there Downtown Heliport in South Street Seaport.

The bus might not be an option for most as its hard to know where it stops; but there might be a sub station that is a short walk the rest of the way to the heliport.

On the otherhand, you could take a taxi but there's no need to take it all the way - if you can reach the port for the Statue of Liberty ferry, it shouldn't be much harder reaching Pier 6.

Cancellation subject to charge

In the event of a cancellation on Liberty Helicopters part, an offer to rearrange your flight will be made, with a full refund if you want to go that route.

Helicopter tours are expensive yet allow for loses if costs are not covered.

In which case if you cancel with Liberty outside their 24 hour departure time, you will be issued with a $40.00 cancellation free.

On the plus side if you do cancel in good time your credit card will be issued with a full refund - which is useful for people who don't know if they will have a enough to when visiting New York City.

If you don't cancel your helicopter tour well instead allowing the time to run over, then obviously the full charge will be issued with no automatic refunds.

Generally speaking, your ticket will be valid for 1 year from the time it was purchased.

When its a cancellation in the event of poor weather or a major incident; there will always be an option to cancel or rearrange another time without losing out.

Child prices

Despite using less space, children who fly with Liberty Helicopters, or any helicopter tour operator out of New York or the US really don't offer reduced child prices.

Reasons for that is the price to run a helicopter is based on a per seat quota; so if a seat is not paid for, the company loses money.

Worst still, children must have there own seat as per FAA regulations, so there's no getting around it.

On the plus side, Liberty Helicopters, like many services - allow for a child under 24 months to ride for free - if sat on a parents lap.

They are what is known as a lap child, so when they reach the ages of 2 or above, its a full adult price for them.

No minimum age for a helicopter tour with Liberty but prices stated do apply to kids.


When taking a helicopter tour with Liberty Helicopters over New York City, it will cost you approximately $200.00.

When departing their New Jersey base there's no additional costs passengers must pay, not so with downtown Manhattan departures.

Unfortunately, the Pier 5 heliport request all visiting guests pay a $40.00 service charge.

There are many ways to reach either departure location with public transport your best options.

If visiting the city as a tourist, it may be worth your time walking to Pier 6 on the East River, so there's the bonus of more attractions to see in the meantime.

Failing to cancel a flight out of Liberty Helicopters timeframe will result in a $40.00 fee, with no charge to pay if canceling in plenty of time.

Over 2 years are required to pay an adult price, well a lap child - under 24 months - can go free if sat on mom or dad's lap.

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