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Bell JetRanger helicopter ride lifting off in field, Northumbria

12 Mile helicopter rides available in the UK

If you're someone who has had a life long desire to ride in a helicopter, then this is your chance to take an helicopter day experience flight.

When participating in a 12 mile helicopter ride in the UK, know that translates to 7 to 8 minutes only. In that time you'll fly over countryside with lakes, hills or villages a common sight to see. Nationwide departures so is accessible for all, with an option of champagne, chocolates and a photo-op with the pilot.

Readily organized 12 mile helicopter rides are made available for anyone in the UK to participate in, including babies to senior citizens.

What you will get out of it is the chance to finally experience what its like to fly around in a helicopter, for a quick 7 to 8 minutes.

Mature guests will be served champagne if made available, well others can delve into the chocolates instead.

Once its your time to experience the what will be a quick 12 miles if you're enjoying yourself too much, is...

Countryside with open fields, woodlands, lakes and hills, or snow-capped mountains if you're taking a helicopter ride in the perfect location.

In all, there is currently 12 mile helicopter ride packages out of 98 locations departing over the UK, with a weather permitted policy.

If you feel you need to experience a longer helicopter ride, then do so by upgrading your ride while using a helicopter experience day operator to arrange it all for you.

12 mile helicopter experience days

To anyone who has had a long life dream of experiencing a flight in a helicopter, then a short 12 mile helicopter ride is the way to go.

Its not a complicated process to order your helicopter ride, in fact; if you rely on helicopter day experience services, they do the work for you.

Meaning, once you've ordered the flight, the rest is finalised between them and the helicopter ride operator who will be flying you.

Taking a 12 mile helicopter ride is one of the cheapest options available.

So if you want to take a long or shorter flight in the case fear of flying; then sign up to a quick 6 mile helicopter ride instead.

Be sure to checkout the packages that are sold as 12 miles in the table that I have created below, as I have compacted it into an easy to read table.

But don't feel its one of these or none at all, there is sure to be other options I haven't mentioned if you browse around the available packages.

Service: Package: Min: No.: Price:
Red Letter Days

12 Mile Helicopter Pleasure Flight for Two

10 2 £130.00
Red Letter Days 12 Mile Helicopter Tour for One with Bubbly 8 1 £59.00
Red Letter Days 12 Mile Helicopter Pleasure Flight 5 1 £65.00
Virgin 12 Mile Themed Helicopter Flight for One 8 1 £59.00
Virgin 12 Mile Themed Helicopter Flight for Two 8 2 £118.00
Activity Superstore 12 Mile Helicopter Flight with a Glass of Bubbly & Chocolates 8 1 £49.00
Activity Superstore 12 Mile Themed Helicopter Flight 8 1 £99.00
buyagift 12 Mile Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for One 12 1 £59.00

Nationwide departures

Why a helicopter ride promoted as a 12 mile one is so popular in the UK is location, and location alone.

Most people will only take a helicopter ride that is much like the title of the helicopter ride, it must be a short distance to travel.

So in that respects, availability of a 12 mile helicopter ride is made available in multiple locations across the UK and Ireland.

Scotland has 11 locations or more while the counties of Angus, Ayrshire, Lothian, Perthshire, Renfrewshire, Sterlingshire and West Lothian are covered.

Similarly, Wales has 3 helicopter ride departure points with north and south locations.

England covers a wider demographic with over 40 locations; from the Midlands, South East and South West, with more departures taking place in the north.

No departure locations in Northern Ireland with 4 departures in the Republic of Ireland.

Expect departure locations to be anywhere from a farm field, a local inn or pub, an airfield to a more busier airport or city heliport.

How long is a 12 mile helicopter ride

Its not really possible to predict the length of time a 12 mile helicopter ride is, as it really depends on the helicopter cruise speed.

But if I calculated all predicted flight times from all helicopter ride operators; the 12 mile helicopter ride is expected to last only 7 to 8 minutes.

So there you have it, a 12 mile helicopter ride will last approximately 7 to 8 minutes.

That is not a guarantee has circumstances can reduce the time well on a good day will see many more minutes added on.

Helicopter services across the UK all operate differently, so where its an 8 minute flight for one, it could be a 12 minute or more flight for others.

You really should expect for the worst but hope for the best, as to not be disappointed.

When flying with other passengers on a day that is busy, things might be pushed along, whereas a slow day could see the flight last longer.

Is it value for money

The only way this type of 12 mile helicopter ride could be value for money, depends on the person, or you.

If you have a real desire to take what is probably your first helicopter ride, then its one of those activities that can be ticked off your bucket list.

In terms of what you get for your money, well you do get the helicopter ride in what will hopefully be in a Bell JetRanger or LongRanger.

Helicopters used for pleasure rides can vary from a JetRanger to a small Robinson R44.

So when its a JetRanger or a later model, the helicopter cost more to operate per hour then say the pistol powered Robinson.

If flying in the JetRanger, you'll certainly get your monies worth over a Robinson or similar pistol powered helicopter.

To make up for any shortfall, the helicopter operator will put on a glass of bubbly or, and chocolates as a special thank you.

Who is this package intended for

Nothing can be more thrilling for a helicopter buff or aviation enthusiast than the thought of taking a helicopter ride for the first time.

So if you or they love helicopters, then this ride is recommended as it will help you or others fulfil the dream of finally taking a helicopter flight for real.

In addition, if you're not someone who is not interested in helicopters but hope to experience it sometime in your life, then this quick, cheap helicopter package is the one.

Not exclusive to children as helicopter rides are chartered for adults more than kids.

But if you have a child in the family or know of one who will love a surprise of a lifetime, then a short, swift ride like this will be all that is needed.

Minimum age for a child to fly in a helicopter varies around 6 years in the UK, though it is possible for babies to fly with no minimum or maximum age, so senior citizens can fly.

Unfortunately, it will depend on the helicopter service policy in the end, and the helicopter model they're flying you in.

Prices to pay

The average price you will pay for a 12 mile helicopter ride is £64.00, give or take a few quid.

Cost of a helicopter ride for such a short flight is not that much, with only a price tag between £49.00 to 65.00 - with an option for a £100.00 to £120.00 available.

Low prices will usually involve a heli ride that operates a helicopter model that is cheap to run - so a 3-seater Robinson R44 - but everyone get's a window seat.

Whereas the mid range prices and higher probably involve a turbine powered, 4-seater JetRanger, or 5-seater LongRanger - excluding the pilot.

If you're paying more than it could be you're going as a group, a party of two, or you have a particular helicopter you want to fly in.

On the otherhand, it could be the price you're paying is the only price made available to in the location near you.

Listed prices are per person so expect to pay double or triple for a two or more people, with no discounts available for groups.

Bonus service

So the full intention of booking a 12 mile helicopter ride is for the experience of flying in a helicopter right?

Well of course it is, but as a bonus extra services will be available to you if booking via a helicopter experience day operator.

Namely, a glass of bubbly and a small box of chocolates to enjoy before or after.

Its not that unusual to receive a glass of champagne (sometimes the non alcoholic kind) with choc's as a way to enhance your experience day.

What else you'll get is a photo-op, meaning you could have your picture taking with the pilot at cost, or no additional cost to you.

To remember the day, you will want to bring your own camera, and make sure you do; so there's no need to pay £10.00 or more for a photo you can take a million of yourself.

So that's the extent of the bonus services you will receive if expected, but its not a service that is always available from all departure locations.


One of the most popular helicopter experiences in the UK are those that are short, cheap, yet made accessible with departure points all across the country.

Packages take in strategically located helicopter departures in airfields to city heliports, to airports, farms, private land to beautiful secluded fields.

So make it an exciting 12 mile helicopter ride experience that will involve flying over the countryside, villages, towns, hills, mountains, farmland and so much more.

Bring your camera or GoPro along as photography equipment will be permitted, within reason.

Participating in a short 7 to 8 minute 12 mile helicopter ride is for those who want to fly in a heli on the cheap, whereas enthusiasts will insist on a lengthier helicopter ride.

There's no telling what helicopter type you'll be a passenger of, but you can expect it to be one of a Robinson R44, Bell JetRanger, or Bell LongRanger respectively.

Expect a safety briefing beforehand, while a photo op can happen before or after, with a glass of bubbly sometimes available at no extra cost, with chocolates.

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