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Global | 30th January 2020

Are helicopter tours dangerous

Helicopter tours can be dangerous, but so can car travel; you will be in professional hands when taking a tour with experienced pilots.

Global | 30th January 2020

Do you tip helicopter tour pilot

If you enjoyed your helicopter tour, then feel free to tip the pilot at your discretion; with no set price, a 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill is favorable.

Global | 30th January 2020

What to bring on a helicopter tour

Bring along a passport if visiting from abroad or a driver's license if local; you'll need the credit card or money to pay, camera and glasses.

Global | 30th January 2020

Is it safe to ride a helicopter while pregnant

If you're still at a stage of participating in activity while pregnant, you can safely take a helicopter ride as nothing can stop you from flying.

Global | 30th January 2020

What is a helicopter ride

Helicopter rides involve a short trip before coming back to land; cost less for passengers but have limited sightseeing opportunities.

USA | 28th January 2020

What to wear on a Hawaii helicopter tour

Don't spoil your Hawaii helicopter tour be wearing the wrong clothing; play it safe with long pants, a sweater and lace tied shoes.

USA | 27th January 2020

Top 10 Kauai helicopter tours

Its not possible to see the whole of Kauai then that in a helicopter tour; no sights will be missed with new, exciting locations to spot in the air.

USA | 26th January 2020

Anchorage, Alaska helicopter tours

Make Anchorage helicopter tours a departure point for seeing a part of Alaska that offers breathtaking glaciers, mountains and lakes.

Global | 24th January 2020

What to expect on a helicopter ride

Allow me to let you know what to commonly expect on a helicopter ride; from the moment you arrive at the helipad to what to expect in-flight.

USA | 23rd January 2020

Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices

Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices are effected by length of tour, including what helicopter is used, with prices expected to rise.