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What to bring on a helicopter tour

What you bring along for your helicopter tour can have joyful to having a serious impact on your flight, including a cancellation or delay.

What to bring on a helicopter tour will include a valid passport if visiting abroad or driver's license if a resident, as a universally accepted photo ID. Bring the gift voucher if you have one, with a minimum of two photography items, including a camera, GoPro or mobile, and don't forget your glasses or sunglasses.

You absolutely must bring with you to your helicopter tour above all else; a valid passport if you're a tourist, or a driver's license if a local resident.

Its imperative you bring the credit or debit card you used to make the order with as its used to make more checks, all while finalising your payment, of applicable.

When arriving on a gift voucher you intend to use; all ID checks apply, so don't forget to bring the original gift voucher.

If you've arranged to pay by cash once you've arrived, then bring the money along.

Don't make it so its in a handbag, large purse or wallet; you cannot bring accessories aboard the helicopter so it will be an issue if you can't tuck it in your zip pocket.

if accessories have to be left behind; lockers can be used for free or at a small cost to keep your things safe.

Helicopter tours are something to remember, so do well to bring camera equipment that is sure to catch every minute.

You will want to bring a DSLR camera, including a GoPro for filming. Cell phones can be used but only two photography items will be accepted.

You'll need to bring glasses to see, including sunglasses if the sun's shining.

Passport if traveling abroad

Well primarily related to those traveling to the United States; tourist visiting the US will need to bring along there passport as valid photo ID.

Bringing along your foreign driving license for example will not qualify as a valid photo ID and will not live up to what's accepted by law.

If you are traveling to the UK, mainland Europe, Australia or New Zealand from the US, then those rules will apply to you.

So if you are visiting another country and wish to take a helicopter tour; you must bring your passport as the most valid form of identification.

Guests over 18 must bring valid photo ID for check-in well it won't apply for those 17 year under.

But do check with the helicopter tour operator you intend to fly with, well a valid passport should be enough, additional ID might be needed.

So remember, non US/non local residents must bring a valid government-issued passport

Photo ID if local resident

If you are a resident of your own country while taking a helicopter tour within the country; a valid photo ID will still be required.

You will want to bring a passport as the first option; but so will a state ID and a valid driver's license qualify as a solid ID for check-in.

Regardless of where you live, most helicopter tour companies need a photo ID as a matter of law, so will reject those who don't bring photo ID.

Driver's license makes for a second choice photo ID identification; so if you haven't a passport it will do for sure.

So what happens if you don't have a passport or driving license; then you will not be able to take a helicopter tour - there're no exceptions to an ID check.

In certain circumstances, and if a resident of said country; it might be possible to take a tour at certain operators who don't require or ask for ID.

When bring along forms of photo ID, do not bring copies as only the real thing will qualify.

Voucher or online order invoice

Obviously you'll need to bring the form of payment you intend to pay for on the day, or the original credit/debit card you used to book your reservation.

But apart from that, what else might one bring along to the helicopter tour to make sure there's all goes without an hitch.

To play it safe, you will want to download and print off the order form invoice or email with the order information, including order ref. number.

If not possible, be sure to take notes of all vital information as to avoid issues at check-in.

If using a voucher that was purchased by someone else as a gift to you, then absolutely bring the voucher form along.

Where possible, bring all other details the voucher giver was asked to print, or for you to bring along.

Once your original order has been checked, a secondary form of ID may need to be checked, including a credit/debit card you paid for the tour.

Cash payment or credit card

If you're the person who made the order online or over the phone, its your responsibility you and your companions fly without a hitch.

Meaning as the card holder, you will be the one who needs to bring the money if paying in cash, or bring the credit/debit card you used to make the purchase.

Failing to bring the credit or debit card you made the order with could delay or worst still, cancel your flight as all forms of identification will have to be verified.

You may of paid online already, but often a credit card needs to be checked for a final time, for security reasons.

When bringing along money its obviously going to be tucked up nice and secure in a wallet, so know that the operator won't allow accessories onboard.

So make it a small wallet or purse so it can be fastened in a zip up pocket, along with other forms of ID.

Camera equipment

Don't waste the opportunity to take pictures from a birds-eye view of the landmarks you will see, by not bringing along sufficient photography equipment.

Now saying that, you can bring a number of camera equipment, but the helicopter tour operators do have a limit to that.

So for sure bring a DSLR camera with a lens that is not to long, as it could be a hazard or be a nuisance.

You may also want to bring a stabiliser if filming but a tripod will be rejected for obvious reasons.

Camera only will be allowed with a lens fixed - so no lens cap or camera bag.

Make it so it has the neck strap attached as you will be required to use it; especially if you are taking a doors off helicopter tour in Hawaii or New York.

What else you should bring if possible is your GoPro for filming, well using your DSLR camera can be used for, or set for photographing only.

Mobile for video or pictures

If you don't have a compact camera or something a little more professional like a DSLR camera, your mobile will should be sufficient.

You'll be limited in terms of functionality, but those all important wide shots the cell phone can take will be all you need.

During the safety briefing on the ground you'll be instructed to switch to flight-mode; so if you're struggling to do so, ask for hands-on help.

You will not be permitted to text or take phone calls with permission only based on taking pictures or switching over to video.

If its a closed cab, doors on helicopter tour the following may not apply; but you should use a wrist strap if taking a doors off tour.

Importantly, always make sure you have got to grips with the flash-mode, as you don't want that thing going off in flight, as to not blind the pilot.

Spectacles or sunglasses

If you are a wearer of subscription glasses then its more important then ever to not forget them, as the helicopter tour relies on sightseeing.

Before you head out of the door without needing to wear the glasses at that time, then make plans to put them in your going out jacket pocket in advanced.

If you do need to wear glasses as a long-sighted person, you will miss out on much of what the helicopter tour has to offer.

So do not forget your glasses as you'll be rushing out to a pharmacy or chemist.

If taking a helicopter tour in the summer or well visiting a hot climate, its important you bring a spare set of sunglasses along.

You may not need them, but in the course of the helicopter flight the helicopter will be turning so the sun - if shining - will land on your face at some point.

You will want to make sure both glasses and sunglasses have a sturdy strap for safety.


The most important Items you need to bring for a helicopter tour are that of a photo ID, credit/debit card and any additional forms of identification, if asked.

In the photo identification process, a passport will qualify for all passengers, whereas a driver's license is only valid for residents only.

If you're flying on a gift voucher, then bring it along with other forms of ID for check-in.

Be sure not to forget your camera as you will want to remember this once in a life time event, so be prepared.

Bring a DRSL camera with a lens that does not need to be replaced, as additional accessories will not be permitted.

You can also bring a GoPro for filming with a short handled stabiliser to keep it steady.

Cell phones are allowed if taking pictures or filming, but know tour operators tend to only allow a minimum two photography devices.

Remember your glasses if you wear them and don't forget sunglasses just in case.

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