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Grand Canyon Helicopter Airbus H125 sitting on Las Vegas heliport

Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices

Here are all the prices to the Grand Canyon via a once in a life time helicopter tour, with all companies that operate tours over, or landing into the Grand Canyon.

Laid out in nice little tables are the prices of all current Grand Canyon helicopter tours, made available through reputable operators. Across eight companies, your average cost would be $420.00. Interestingly, if you were to experience all 72 Grand Canyon helicopter tours available in total, it would cost you $29,974.

I'm not usually one for stats but for someone who is helicopter mad; its just interesting to know how much it would cost to take all helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices quoted would be the base price; so expect fees, with surcharges adding an additional 20% to your total cost.

Statistics showing your average cost per tour; including total cost if you were to pay for all available tours made available through companies who operate Grand Canyon tours:

To see more, click on the company name below to view all tours available, plus costs to you. I've provided you an average cost per operator; plus how much it would cost you if you paid for all there tours - just for fun.

I've listed all companies that operate helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon only, in no particular order.

Know that Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies operate out of multiple locations, so make sure the departure point is within your reach before booking your helicopter tour.

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter prices

Papillon Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices are in inline with other tour operators in the region, competitively priced with an average cost of $390.00.

If you were to take all Papillon Grand Canyon tours (13 options in all) it would cost you in excess of a whopping $5,073 - additional costs will apply.

Locations for Papillon departures include: Boulder City near Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West Rim, Page in Arizona and Scottsdale/Phoenix.

Prices will stay level or increase depending on the add-on services, or whether you choose to make use of Grand Canyon landing tours, River tours or additional activities.

Price: Tour Name:
$359.00 Grand Celebration Tour
$554.00 Grand Celebration and Eldorado Canyon
$264.00 Golden Eagle Air Tour
$440.00 Grand Voyager
$374.00 Platinum West Rim Tour with Heli and Boat
$634.00 Skywalk Getaway with Heli and Boat
$439.00 VIP Skywalk Express
$599.00 Whitewater Rush with Heli Tour
$214.00 North Canyon Tour
$249.00 North Canyon Tour on Ecostar
$314.00 North Canyon Tour with Hummer Excursion
$334.00 North Canyon Tour with Sunset Hummer Excursion
$299.00 Imperial with EcoStar

Maverick Helicopter prices

Maverick Helicopter are a little more costly then their nearest rivals in Papillon; though the helicopter companies operate similar Grand Canyon tours, inc. helicopter models.

All available tour options over the Grand Canyon would cost you an average $432.00; or $4,321 if you were to experience all their 10 available tours.

With help of a shuttle service with a pick up outside your hotel, Maverick Helicopters depart to the Grand Canyon via Las Vegas and Henderson in Nevada - or the Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

Listed prices are what you see is what you get, with additional fees and fuel surcharge included in the price - so there's no surprises when its time to pay up.

Price: Tour Name:
$469.00 Wind Dancer
$499.00 Wind Dancer Sunset
$574.00 Skywalk Odyssey
$409.00 Free Spirit
$544.00 Canyon Dream
$379.00 Silver Cloud
$429.99 Western Journey
$544.00 Canyon Dream
$175.00 Grand Canyon Discovery
$299.00 Canyon Spirit

5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours prices

5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours are the leading Grand Canyon helicopter tour company with a grand total of 15 tours available, at an average cost of $450.00.

If you want to take all tours available through the operator, it would cost you $6,756, with an additional $4,950.00 for their special helicopter charter tour... so $11,706 in all.

5 Star only operate their helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon via Boulder City, near to Las Vegas. And with a luxury complementary pick up and drop off, it couldn't be any easier when flying with them.

Prices quoted online are only base costs; meaning as soon as you go through the process of ordering, expect the prices to increase 20% or more to cover surcharges.

Price: Name:
$299.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Extended Air Only Tour
$399.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Eagle Point Rim Landing Tour
$399.00 Grand Canyon Floor Landing Helicopter Tour
$499.00 Grand Canyon & Valley Of Fire Helicopter Champagne Landing Tour
$499.00 Grand Canyon West Rim Indian Adventure Helicopter Tour
$499.00 Black Canyon River Rafting Tour with Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight
$499.00 Grand Canyon Skywalk Express Helicopter Tour
$169.00 Grand Canyon West Helicopter Eternity Air Tour "To the Edge & Beyond
$349.00 Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Air Tour Inc. Gift Shop landing
$449.00 Las Vegas Zip Line Experience & Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight Adventure Tour
$699.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Speedvegas Exotic Track Pack Driving Experience
$4,950.00 Private Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight & VIP Hualapai Ambassador Guide Tour inc. Skywalk Tour
$699.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight & Las Vegas Outdoor Shooting Range Experience
$599.00 The Ultimate Grand Canyon Helicopter & ATV Adventure Tour
$699.00 Grand Canyon West Hualapai Ranch Overnight Cabin Stay By Helicopter Ground Tour

Serenity Helicopters prices

Serenity Helicopters prices are big players in the Grand Canyon helicopter tour game, but with far reduced helicopter tour options available.

Serenity operate only 4 tours in total, with an average cost of $496.00, or $1,986 if you decide to experience all tours.

When flying with the company its easy to know where you will need to be; with only Boulder City their point of departure.

No surprises at checkout as Serenity tend to quote the price you see is the price you pay policy; though additional services are available for an upgrade.

Price: Tour Name:
$529.00 Sky Dancer Sunset Tour
$509.00 Sky Dancer Landing & Picnic
$399.00 Day Star Air Only Tour
$549.00 Sunset Dinner Tour

Grand Canyon Helicopters prices

Grand Canyon Helicopters operate a steady 11 tours with an average price tag of $353.00, so little cheaper than you would expect, but only because flight time is shorter.

It would cost an individual $3,889 if you were to proceed with all available helicopter tours via Grand Canyon Helicopters.

Such a big company needs more than one base of operations; with flights departing Las Vegas or Grand Canyon Airport out of Arizona.

Charges that are added are usually limited to just $10.00 which are included in the listing price, with the base price broken up at checkout.

Price: Tour Name:
$519.00 King Of Canyons
$549.00 King Of Canyons Sunset
$404.00 Ace Of Adventures
$119.00 Jack Of The Lights Strip Tour
$104.00 Jack Of The Lights Strip Tour (No Transfers)
$259.00 Majestic
$319.00 Grand Kingdom
$364.00 Majestic with Hummer
$384.00 Majestic with Sunset Hummer
$424.00 Grand Kingdom with Hummer
$444.00 Grand Kingdom with Sunset Hummer

Sundance Helicopters prices

Sundance Helicopters high costs are associated with the duration of their Grand Canyon helicopter tours, with an 3 hour to 6 hour day tour.

Costs average per person is still a reasonable $466.00; which includes landing tours with food and often a glass of champagne.

Sundance only offer 6 helicopter tour options, with a price of $2,799 if you were ever interested in taking them all, all while departing McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

Sundance Helicopters charge as the prices listed; the checkout process can get a little messy, with lots of add-on services hard to avoid, though they're optional.

Price: Tour Name:
$375.00 Helicopter Tour of Grand Canyon plus Scenic Drive to Hoover Dam
$370.00 Sundance Grand Canyon Heli & Adventure Tours
$440.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride and Champagne Picnic
$500.00 Grand Canyon Sunset Helicopter Tour
$539.00 Skywalk Express Talk
$575.00 Grand Canyon Voyager Exclusive with Optional Skywalk

GC Flight prices

GC Flight offers are inline with all Grand Canyon helicopter tour costs I've previously outlined, although the prices do rise at checkout.

Well the average cost associated with a GC Flight tour is $399.00; an additional $90.00 should be expected to cover surcharges.

If you ever had a desire to do all 11 tours with the company, this would cost you $4,394.

GC Flight will begin your tour over the Grand Canyon via their Las Vegas location only, with a shuttle service available, but part of the total cost that can be reduced if removed.

Price: Tour Name:
$298.00 Grand Canyon Express Helicopter Tour
$388.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Floor Landing Tour
$387.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Rim Landing Tour
$438.00 Helicopter Floor Landing with Picnic & Limousine
$469.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Skywalk Express
$409.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter West Rim Indian Adventure Landing Tour
$439.00 Sunset Extended Grand Canyon Helicopter & Valley of Fire Landing
$459.00 Grand Canyon Wind Dancer Air and Landing Helicopter Tour
$439.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter & Rafting Combination Tour
$299.00 Grand Canyon Helicopter Air Tour with Bonus Gift Shop Landing
$369.00 Ultimate Grand Canyon Western Private Ranch Experience & Helicopter

Wild West Helicopters prices

Wild West Helicopters operate a never to forget experience over the Grand Canyon, even with their two helicopter tours available.

The average base cost is $378.00 with additional fees and taxes to be added on.

For example, the $189.00 base cost I've listed would actually translate to approximately $211.00 or more ar checkout - so would cost far more if taking the $567.00 package.

If you do wish to try both helicopter tours from Wild West Helicopters, it would cost you only $756.00 with a couple of flights to be had.

Wild West's only departure point is out of Meadview in Arizona.

Price: Tour Name:
$189.00 Helicopter Flight Through the Grand Canyon West Rim
$567.00 Helicopter Flight For Two


So there you have it, if you wish to take an forgettable Grand Canyon helicopter tour, you can do so at an average cost of $420.00.

Its worth remember prices are set on flight time, so if its too cheap then its only because the tour duration will last between 20 to 40 minutes.

And while it can still be cheap for extended helicopter tours; it might mean passengers will spend time in a designated landing spot.

Helicopter type can also effect prices; so where the Robinson R44 helicopter is used, it would be the cheapest or most value for money, due to running costs.

Whereas, the popular Airbus H125 or the ACH130 helicopter is more expensive to run, so costs are usually implemented into your total.

Its no easy task selecting a Grand Canyon helicopter tour as it can be overwhelming.

Well prices will depend on your budget, its more important to know how long the tour lasts (including total flight time) and what's included in the service that matters.

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