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Are helicopter tours dangerous

Helicopter tours can be dangerous in a way that a car or bus trip can be; helicopter tours are one of the safety ways to travel in the world.

Are helicopter tours really that dangerous? Well I would have to say no for the very reason, helicopters have a remarkable safety record. If you're wondering is a helicopter ride dangerous for you to partake in, then no its not. But know that there's always a risk involved while flying in a helicopter.

Why people ask are helicopter tours dangerous, its simply because it might be you who have tour coming up very soon or thinking about it, so are concerned.

First thing, rest assured taking a helicopter ride is one of the safest modes of transport for tourists.

Accidents occasional happen but so do millions of road accidents every year, so in the scheme of things, you will be in safe hands.

Helicopter tourism operators are regulated by there country specific regulator; namely the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA or Civil Aviation Authority in Great Britain.

Rules are not followed by country to country; so helicopter pilots or the services they are employed by have to follow universal standards.

Failing to apply the pilot or and the helicopter tour company will be put out of business.

So if taking a helicopter tour, the level of danger is extremely low as the pilot's and company are in business with safety a high priority - as there's risk of life.

Not if signed up for dangerous tour

Helicopter tours are not dangerous if you signed up to a basic tour package that heightens the risk.

Meaning if you're departing a heliport or airfield for a tour in a helicopter that is limited to a mid-level, average cruise speed tour...

Then the level of danger is at its all time low as there's no risks involved.

If you're concerned with the risks involved into taking a helicopter tour; know that most accidents revolve around human error, not mechanical.

So therefore, you should know you'll be in the best hands with the pilot at the controls.

Where there might be a higher risk while taking a helicopter tour is ones that you've signed up for.

Namely, heli adventures that involve anything from landing on a canyon, glacier or icefields; as landing sites do lend themselves to a level of danger.

Certain levels of danger

When you sign up to a helicopter tour, know that you're indeed signing up to a level of danger.

Though you should take some comfort that helicopter flights have a far better safety record than road travel.

Well unable to guarantee a risk free helicopter tour, problems can occur in terms of pilot error or mechanical faults.

So well the risk is extremely low, helicopter tourism operators cannot guarantee it.

Where levels of danger are involved in tours could be anything from a change of weather to air traffic.

Less so with air traffic causing a crash, but more so with a quick change of weather that could cause the helicopter to land in an emergency.

While turbine powered helicopters can overcome there risk; small, pistol powered helicopters are more prone to being thrown around in high wind.

No Risk-FREE helicopter tours

Risks often associated with helicopter tours can usually be narrowed down to pilot error or mechanical, with lack of quality maintenance on the machine.

However, because of instances like this can happen, which is very rare I might add; you'll never get a guarantee of no injury or fatality if taking a helicopter tour.

What you can do to decrease the level of danger is only sign up for a tour with operators that have no history of crashes.

It would take a bit of time but all that you need to do is search the company only, followed with the words crash or fatality to see if they have had accidents in recent years.

If not finding anything that will hint at incompetence or a history of poor service, free free to go ahead and book a helicopter ride.

Circumstances will and do change over the years so again, know accidents happen so the company moves on.

Pilot's are not the problem

Regardless of where you're taking a helicopter tour in the world, know that pilots are absolute professionals, and will maintain a level of professionalism throughout.

Danger is not likely to be the person who is piloting the helicopter, so more so the weather or mechanism - though pilot error can and will happen at times.

Well pilot's have full command of the helicopter, its also possible people or a passenger inside the helicopter could enhance the risk.

Its not something that is often recorded, but if the pilot is distracted, then expect a level of risk if the helicopter is not under control.

Pilot health is at its all time high, so the chances of pilot's getting ill during the flight is little to none.

So where helicopter tours are involved, never expect the pilot to be nothing more than a professional.


When you're signing up to a helicopter tour, know that you're waiving the right to fly with a risk of serious danger.

Its not uncommon for a tourist helicopter to crash or have some level of mechanical error, but its not a common thing to happen.

Of all the helicopter rides that take place everyday in the US or around the world, you must agree - you don't often here them crashing on TV.

That's why helicopter tourism is regulated to a very high standard.

So there's no getting away for poor maintenance or service from the operators, as the company, by law, needs to apply by strict rules.

That also goes for the helicopter pilots who often have to take re-tests to make sure there level of professionalism remains at a high standard.

Unfortunately, and much like taking a car or plane journey; there will always be a level of danger when flying in a helicopter.

Trouble with the mechanical side of things, weather, and yes - pilot error - can all result in accidents - from no jury to serious consequences.

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