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Central Helicopter Bell 206 LongRanger settled on a private Lake District site

Lake District helicopter tours guide

Experience the Lake District like never before in the comfort of a helicopter that will sure to visit all major landmarks on the trip.

Lake District helicopter tours depart Greenlands Farm Village in Lancashire before heading north to Cumbria, home of the Lake District National Park. You will be shown all sights including Lake Windermere, other lakes and mountains. Operators are Central or Pennine Helicopters who depart in a Bell LongRanger.

No messing about here if you want to book a tour of the Lake District in a helicopter, you can do so using an experience day operator.

Cutting out the middle man will result in you visiting Central or Pennine Helicopters who are responsible for chartering your Lake District helicopter ride.

Companies operator a reliable Bell 206 LongRanger helicopter which is capable of seating 6 passengers, plus the pilot.

Seating arrangement will involve 5 guests receiving a window seat, while the lightest or a child will be seated in the middle.

Lake District helicopter tours are sure to see all major landmarks from 1,500 ft. up, with attractions seen up close or from a far.

Exact location where all tours depart is Greenlands Farm Village, Carnforth in Lancashire - so its basically just a farm field passengers are required to arrive at in good time before departure.

Prices to pay start from £99.00 for a 12 minute flight; while the longest of 30 minutes will cost you up to £139.00.

Experience days price list

Service: Package: PAX: Min: Price:
Into The Blue Heli Tour with Cream Tea for Two 2 10 £149
Into The Blue 30 Minute Lake District Tour 1 30 £139
Buy A Gift 30 Minute Lake District Helicopter Tour for One 1 30 £149
Experience Days Lake District Helicopter Flight Tour 1 15 £99
Red Letter Days Couple's Lake Windermere Helicopter Tour with Cream Tea 1 10 £149
Experience day Lake District helicopter tours all depart via Greenlands Farm Village in Carnforth, Lancashire.

Fabulous way to book a love one a tour of the Lake District would be ordering a gift voucher via one of the experience day operators listed.

Would-be passengers would be able to book a flight when the time and day suites them, with an expirey date that lasts up to a year.

Maybe its romantic Lake District helicopter tour for two, a gift for the parents or perhaps elderly relatives - its a gift of a lifetime that is sure to not disappoint.

Lake District operators

Meet your tour operators who will be responsible for making sure your Lake District helicopter flight goes without a hitch.

You might not of signed up for your tour with the companies mentioned, but it will be one or the other you will be flying with.

Experience day operators are a third-party who will set you up with Central Helicopters or that of Pennine Helicopters.

So without farther a do, let's find out a bit more about the helicopter tour operators.

Central Helicopters

Company that is not headquartered nowhere near the Lake District or Lancashire where they depart to the Lake District.

So therefore Central Helicopter fly their helicopter up from Nottinghamshire at certain times of the year for the purpose of flying visitors over the Lake District.

Direct 2020 flight schedules are as following: 21st March,25th April, 23rd May, 4th July, 22nd August, 12th September.

Packages made available include their Lake District Flight for 15 minutes at a price of £99.00 - while their Lake Windermere Tour cost £169.00 for 30 minutes, per passenger.

If booking a flight through the company or an experience day operator; this is how your flight schedule options will look - with changes expected.

Pennine Helicopters

Located in Oakdene Farm Saddleworth, Greater Manchester; again this is an operator who make a special flight to the Lake District area to take visitors over the Lake District National Park.

Focused in the north of England, Pennine Helicopters operate a series of helicopter tours, with the Lake District options being just one of them.

Much like their rival, the company also depart out of Greenlands Farm Village in Carnforth, Lancashire.

Made available are two Lake District helicopter tours including their The Lake District Trip for one with a 15 minute flight time, costing $100.00.

While that same tour can be booked at cost for double the time you'll be touring the Lake District - priced at £205.00 for 30 minutes.

Schedule of tours for the Lake District is currently set as the following for 2020: 21st March, 25th April, 23rd May, 4th June, 4th July, 22nd August and 12th September - with identical dates to Central Helicopters.

Carnforth, Lancashire departure

Baring in mind the Lake District is a remote, peaceful destination that is not ruined by airports or busy heliports.

So therefore, you will be air lifted over the Lake District via Greenland's Farm Village in Carnforth - that is with whom ever you have booked a flight with.

Full address is: Greenlands Farm Village, Tewitfield, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA6 1JH - so make sure its accessible to you before booking.

Location doesn't own itself to a special airfield or landing site for helicopters; in fact its simply a farm field.

So let's hope the field isn't bogged down with wet and mud as you board the helicopter on the day.

If arriving too early, rather than hang around in the car or outdoors; guests can embark on the village that includes Wellies Cafe and a sports centre.

Across the road is an extended part of the village where there's the Longlands Hotel & Cottages - which includes an inn and bar.

Why see Lake District from the air

The Lake District is approximately 912 square miles so a National Park the size of this cannot be enjoyed on the ground alone.

If you're serious about seeing as much of the Lake District as possible; seeing it from the air is the only possible way.

Absolutely you should be visiting the Lake District on foot while taking a trek up the mountains or following hiking trails.

But up in the air in a helicopter is the only way visitors will see the grand scale of the National Park.

Much to see too so while you'll be concentrating on one attraction, many others will pass by without you knowing about it.

Focusing on the Lake District's many mountains again; while Scafell Pike is the tallest at 3210 feet, the shortest is Catstycam at 2917 feet.

Its not possible for visitors on the ground to get up, close and personal to these mountains, with the peaks only seen from out of the window of a comfortable seat inside a helicopter.

That also goes for the lakes located in the Lake District, including the largest Windermere, of which would be difficult to see all of on the ground.

Lake District sightseeing

Well all guests will depart in the helicopter via Greensland Farm Village in Lancashire, it won't be long before you head over the border into Cumbria.

After a short 5 minute helicopter flight, the Lake District will come into view where guests can begin there helicopter sightseeing journey.

Filled with luscious green lands, wooded areas and fields; the highlight of the trip will begin shortly after you've spotted Morecambe Bay.

Cruising at a fair speed at 1500 ft. the helicopter pilot will take you over 15 miles of Lake Windermere - so more time will be spent viewing this famous lake - with the privately owned Belle Isle coming into view.

In the meantime populated areas including the town of Bowness near Windermere will be seen.

That also goes for Newby Bridge which is a small village at the south side of the lake so will be your first port of call - but easily spotted with the River Leven running beside it.

Passengers will also need to look ahead or out on the sides as the Lake District's mountain's are all seen.

Before passing over Lake Windermere passengers will see the Marina at Bowness and Furness Fells before reaching Ambleside on the northernmost part of Windermere.

How long are tours

Lake District helicoper tours have a flight duration that broken into three categories; 10, 15 and and extended 30 minute flight.

Booking a shortened 10 minute helicopter ride is similar to that of a 15 minute tour; only a few more miles can be flown in that short period.

No missing out on much of the Lake District if you choose to select a 10 or 15 minute flight as tours take in most major destinations.

Of those you're sure to see all major mountains, lakes and towns down on the ground.

If you were to pick an extended 30 minute flight you can sure to expect to get more for your money - as that's the whole point right?

So while the flight path is similar to that of the shorter Lake District helicopter rides, more time is spent circling or lingering around well known landmarks.

On top of all that, the flight path can and should extend a little farther than other options.

Cruise speed will remain the same but it is likely to be slowed down so passengers are given more of a chance to see all sights out of a Bell 206 LongRanger helicopter.

Fly the Bell 206 LongRanger

When taking a helicopter tour over the Lake District with either Central Helicopters or Pennine Helicopters - they share one important component.

That is the companies operate a Bell 206 LongRanger helicopter that can seat up to 6 passengers - plus the pilot.

Seat arrangement inside a LongRanger works out like this: one co-pilot, two facing the rear, with three passengers facing forward.

So its basically a three, two, one arrangement where the co-pilot seat is the best option.

Passenger seating arrangement inside the helicopter is based on weight/balances; so its not always possible to get the seat you want.

Likely scenario to occur when seating is picked by the operator, is that a child or young adult would take up the rear middle seat.

Everyone else gets a window seat but it won't beat the co-pilot seat, whoever sits there.

Light, powerful yet reliable helicopter, the Bell LongRanger is a well respected machine so expect to be in safe hands while riding this helicopter.

Bell LongRanger is expected to fly at a height of 1500 feet, so its just about high enough to see far and wide, but not so high you miss what's going on below you.

Passenger requirements

So while the co-pilot seat arrangement is based on weight and balances, it is possible for a guest to book that seat in advanced, as an upgrade at cost.

It is possible if you don't fall in line with the passenger weight limit who can occupy the front seat, you will be downgraded after you've been weighed by the company.

Passengers will have to be weighed before embarking on a helicopter ride, and that will come before your safety briefing.

What else guests should remember is comfortable clothing, so be sure to wear what you feel comfortable in, yet is appropriate for a helicopter ride.

Make sure you wear a sweater or windproof jacket if its cold out, but more importantly wear lace tied shoes rather than heels or sandals.

No minimum age requirement so young children can come along; so can women who are pregnant or at least expecting a few months away.

More so, customers should bring along a form of payment to verify your order, and the gift voucher that was sent to you via an experience day operator.

Carry-on luggage will not be permitted onboard the helicopter so will need to be left behind in the car or transport you arrived in.

Lastly, and most importantly, bring along your camera or phone to take stunning pictures of the Lake District from the air.

Private Lake District flights

Go above and beyond an off-the-shelf Lake District helicopter ride by choosing to take a private tour.

No helicopter services mentioned thus far don't offer this service off the bat; so look to Helivation who offer a private charter.

Departing Blackpool this time but still in Lancashire; the operator will take you, a partner or group in their pistol powered three passenger capacity Robinson R44 helicopter.

Why you might want to arrange a private charter is to insure not only can you guarantee a Lake District helicopter tour, but one that is with people you know only.

Prices are far above the 10 to 30 minute tour prices mentioned for the off the shelf options, that's because you'll be hiring a helicopter all to yourself.

Minimum time is one hour, and it will cost you approximately £780 per hour for a private helicopter flight for one to three passengers.

Benefits to chartering a private helicopter ride can be for those you wish for more time and flexibility to photograph the Lake District with aerial photography a priority, or....

Perhaps you want to surprise a love one with there own private helicopter ride over one of the most beautiful locations in the UK - the Lake District.

Flight route will be up to you so more time can be spent in one area over the other; well the interior space inside a Robinson R44 will allow you to do just that with lots of room to admire the view or take pictures.


As a matter of convenience customers can book a Lake District helicopter tour via an experience day operator within the UK.

You can go one better by cutting out the middle man by registering a helicopter ride with the company who will indeed be chartering your flight.

Of those, its either Central Helicopter or Pennine Helicopters who will be serving you.

No better way to see the Lake District in Cumbria than in a helicopter; who will head to all major landmarks - including Lake Windermere - to view and take pictures.

Helicopter tours are naturally cheapest for the lowest flight duration of 10 to 15 minutes, with an option for a 30 minute upgrade.

Passengers will board a 6-seat passenger capacity Bell 206 LongRanger with either operator, with an option for booking the co-pilot seat.

Passenger requirements hold very little restrictions, but saying that where you sit could end up being based on what is termed as weight and balances.

Guests are required to wear what is comfortable and appropriate for the season; though its advisable to wear sneakers or pumps - not heels or sandals that will make it difficult for you to climb on or off the helicopter.

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