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Women seen taking shoe selfie helicopter ride with feet out

Shoe Selfie helicopter rides guide

Do what the hip, young people are doing, but make it so unique it hasn't been thought of yet, by experiencing a one in a lifetime feet out, shoe selfie helicopter ride.

Shoe selfie helicopter rides are operated by FlyNyon, with aerial photography that calls for feet hanging out 1,500 ft above. Pictures can capture your favorite shoes, with the rip on your jeans or legs seen in shot. Passengers can freely move about the chopper in a sitting position, or twist around to hang feet out.

Its nothing new but it certainly is an adventure to experience while in NYC. This New York open door helicopter ride puts focus on photography.

That being said, its made for anyone who wishes to participate in, but you will want to make sure you capture it all on camera.

New York City focus flight path that departures from Kearny, in New Jersey; so to take part in this helicopter ride, make your way to NJ.

Passenger will be flying in a doors off Bell 206 LongRanger helicopter; minus one guest as to make sure everyone gets an outside seat for taking pictures.

Helicopter tour should not be forgotton as its complete New York helicopter ride; taking in all major landmarks, including the Statue Of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Freedom Tower - to name a few attractions.

Its a must try for professional photographers looking to photograph New York in an unrestrictive manner - as photographing through windows will cause reflection.

Try to be creative with your shots from a amateur or professional standpoint by getting the shoe selfies in first, before framing landmarks with your feet.

FlyNyon is your operator

No other helicopter tour operator can offer anyone an experience like this anywhere in the US - so we rely on FlyNyon to delivery on their promise.

FlyNyon will focus all flights over New York City; focusing on famous landmarks as seen from above the water, looking into the city.

They haven't been doing this for too long, so since 2012, they have grown into the what is know as the shoe self helicopter market.

No following the trend here, FlyNyon are setting the trend with others following.

Hip, trendy shoe selfie experience will never be forgotten as the company makes sure photographers get the prime shots they want.

For that reason, they will work closely with you as too make sure the landmarks are visited or special requirements, as requested by you, are all met.

Top landmarks are within reach, but if you want to spend more time in one area, the operator can do just that.

While operating a Bell 206 LongRanger; FlyNyon are located in New Jersey with all flights departing their heliport.

FlyNyon operate the cheapest New York helicopter rides in town, with an option to upgrade your flight to more time.

Kearny, New Jersey departures

FlyNyon helicopters sat on helipad awaiting passengers
FlyNyon Bell 206 LongRanger helicopters sit on tarmac while awaiting the arrival of passengers, who will arrive by a short car journey away.

FlyNyon will fly you or your party into New York via their luxury Kearny, New Jersey location, with only a short flight undertaken before reaching Manhattan.

FlyNyon offices and guest lounge are located in a quieter area as the helicopter departures are a short car ride away - of which they will drive you there.

Passengers will have a wait as you'll need to arrive in good time to make special flight arrangements, while receiving a safety briefing that is not to be rushed.

What you'll need to bring along for your shoe selfie helicopter ride is a valid photo ID; well not forgetting your camera equipment.

In the passenger lounge there is comfortable seating with beam bags available.

Grab yourself a tea or coffer, or a quick bite to eat.

Don't risk adding on an extra pound until you've been discreetly weighed by staff, as they need your weight to know where to sit you in the chopper.

Get familiar how an open door helicopter would look; while getting a feel of how it would be for you by jumping in their demonstrating helicopter body - sat right there in the lounge.

Safety briefing will include a video recording at one point, well they will fit you for a safety harness before you're due to fly.

If you have forgotten or your camera decides to not work; FlyNyon do have a camera rental service, at a reasonable price.

Bell 206 LongRanger

If you're going to spend the next 20 to 30 minutes at a high attitude strapped to the inside of a helicopter - you may as well know what that helicopter is right.

Taking a photograph out of a helicopter over New York City is serious business for some, but a little less so for others.

So knowing what the helicopter is can help you prepare for positioning yourself when in a comfortable seated positon - to feet out, shoe selfie mode.

What you will be a passenger of is a well know, yet extremely safe Bell 206 LongRanger helicopter.

Its traditionally a 6-seater helicopter including the pilot who makes it seven people in all.

However, its a feet out helicopter ride over New York so there's not much point in having a middle seat passenger.

So there isn't, all passengers will be sat on a window seat - although the doors are off - and so will be free to take photos in an unobstructed manner.

The Bell LongRanger has a skid type landing gear but it won't be high enough for your feet to touch in mid flight - so they will be dangling.

Getting into position

Passengers will not be permitted to position themselves at take off with there feet out in a shoe selfie - until a suitable attitude has been met.

Safety procedures will need to be met so in case of an emergency, all guests are in a safer position, than they would be with feet hanging out.

After a short time while climbing in attitude, you'll be free to get into a comfortable position.

Often it would be normal for passengers to remain in a forward facing position as to avoid the need to hang there feet out.

It can be a scary experience for some people, so its entirely up to you.

Photographs can be shot in a forward facing position with no obstructions; its just a little easier in a feet out position, as there's no uncomfortable twisting of the torso.

You'll be fastened to you seat using a loosen, yet fastened seatbelt; all while tethered to make sure there is no risk of falling.

Passengers will be free to twist and turn in there seat, as you'll find the most comfortable position to be in.

Shoe selfie camera settings

So you will need to be experienced enough to know what settings on your camera would be needed for this once in a lifetime experience.

Having said that, taking pictures with your feet dangling out of a helicopter 1500 feet in the air, it not to be expected.

So while I assume you know what settings you'll need to take pictures of landmarks, while also taking photo's of your friends in the heli... let's take a look at shoe selfie setting.

I must admit I am no expert photographer so do take this information with a pinch of salt.

Assuming you want to take a picture - and lots of them - of your shoes, with perhaps your knees or thighs also seen in shot, and...

Landmarks or interesting sights also need to be seen in frame; then you will need to look at use - as recommended by FlyNyon - a 70-200 lens.

OK that is not camera setting that is more what focal length to use for a helicopter ride, but the lens is just as important, and so is the quality of the DSLR camera.

One important point I must add in regards to settings; make it so the aperture will not create a blur background.

Don't waist the opportunity of a lifetime to only then remove the New York scenery.

Photographs that have a blur background can and will look fake, or photoshopped; so make it so the city of New York is clearly photographed, while also getting a shot of your shoes.

It might be a you only flight, but its also common for a New York helicopter tour for 2; as couples make for the perfect passenger when taking pictures of themselves, and the city.

Pro photographer must do

Having said all that, a doors off, shoe selfie helicopter ride experience is for anyone wishing to enjoy themselves while in New York.

What I often forget is these kind of opportunities make for a perfect shooting experience for professional photographers.

So for that reason you have the chance of doing one of two things as a pro.

You can fly with others but you won't be able to sit in a way that assists you in taking shots comfortably - so no choosing your own seat.

On the otherhand, a private 'feet out helicopter ride' will insure you get to sit where you want to.

Focus needs to be concentrated on left or right handed people; so taking pictures out of the helicopter on the right side for right handed people - can be a little awkward.

So for that reason you will need to talk to the operator to personalise your experience.

As a pro - much like the many tourists taking pictures - you will not be allowed to bring an extra len, tripods or a camera bag along - as it must be left behind.

Make sure the lens you fit to the body is the only camera lens you'll need for the entirety of the helicopter ride - as there's no switching lens for safety reasons.

New York City flight route

Battery Park in New York seen out of open door helicopter
Battery Park as seen out of a doors off New York helicopter ride excursion; passenger as decided to keep feet in on this occasion but you can see the helicopter manoeuvres over land.

Incredibly, FlyNyon don't have a regular flight path for every trip, so for that reasons all flights are almost one of a kind.

Don't be concerned as all well known landmarks - and so many more - will come into your view, while a focus on Manhattan can be seen from over the water.

New York City helicopter flights restrict air traffic moving over lands, so much of the flight will be looking at Manhattan, from the East River or Hudson River.

Which is just as well as the attractions are so big, they will only get in your frame from a long distance away.

Away from the mainland your helicopter ride will take in the Statue Of Liberty, all the major bridges and Governor’s Island - to name a few.

FlyNyon have two commercially available doors off, feet out experiences for you to pick.

In their NYC Experience tour; it is a 16 to 19 minute duration flight that is available to guests every single day.

Likewise, their NYC Classic tour - and one you must experience - is a 30 to 33 minute flight that again, is made available everyday.

Better still, you do have an option to arrange a private helicopter ride over New York where you can extend the time - with a focus on certain landmarks, if that is what you want.

Feet framing famous landmarks

Now that you got a grasp of what to expect on your shoe selfie helicopter experience, let's talk a little about what not to forget, as you'll be kicking yourself once you get home.

What I mean is unique photograph opportunities that are not to be missed.

I've termed it 'Feet Framing' in much the same way taking a picture that is framed using your hands, or using the obstacles around you - as a professional photographer would.

To create a feet framing shot, simply wait until you come within a suitable distance from a landmark - before framing your feet, or shoes around it - as they dangle out

The result is you get the all important shoe selfie, but with a real purpose.

Instead of a random section of New York seen or area with little to no interest, you get the Brooklyn Bridge, Freedom Tower or say the Statue Of Liberty in a picture, framed using your feet.

Shoes are the key to the shot, so you can crop out your legs by zooming; that way you'll bring the landmark into a closer frame.

Put on your most photographic shoes

If arriving at this unique doors off New York helicopter ride experience with the intent of making your shoes famous, don't forget one major thing.

Put on the shoes you intend to photograph, all while making sure they're in top notch condition, as to not spoil the photographs.

Dark, grey dingy shoes can be photographed but it won't make good for sharing.

What you'll need to wear is a pair of popular shoes in a contrasting color, to that of the dark landscape of New York.

With a bright color shoe it really helps to make the picture pop.

You will want to photograph your shoes as seen from the top, well twisting your feet inwards to take pictures on the inner sides.

Multiple photo's will need to be taken as to make sure you got at least one great shot you'll be proud to share on social media - without a blur ruining it.

Shoes to wear will be a brand new pair of Vans, Nike or plain white pumps.

What you can't wear is slip on shoes or heels that can fall off mid flight; so wear sneakers that are tied up nice and tight.

What to wear

Don't risk spoiling your helicopter ride by failing to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Its an open door helicopter ride, so do dress accordingly, but only to the helicopter operators recommendation.

So when the weather is nice in New York, you can wear summer clothes, much like wearing layers when the weather is cold, in the winter.

FlyNyon won't want to fly when the weather is incredibly chilly; doors are off so it won't make for a thrilling time for the pilot.

For that reason, if its too cold all flights might be canceled.

Nevertheless, you will want to wear fitted clothing as to avoid it blowing all over, therefore it won't distract you as you take pictures.

Its always a good time to wear a sweater or hoodie as it can help prevent a chill, but won't be too hot in the summer.

What else you can wear is a rain or windproof jacket if there's light rain; but it won't be too much as to be to big and awkward in flight.

Passengers don't have trouble in the nice weather while wearing very little.

For that reason you won't feel the cold just because you're high up in the sky. So wear what you're comfortable wearing on the ground.


Specialty shoe selfie helicopter rides are operated by no other than FlyNyon. Located in New Jersey, all flights depart Kearny into New York City.

Passengers will get to fly in their reliable Bell 206 LongRanger helicopter, which is a 6-seater but only 5 passengers are taken, so everyone gets a window seat.

Safety briefing will come first, then an instruction video before you're equipped with a safety hornest.

You'll begin the shoe selfie helicopter ride in the seated position, before guests are allowed to then move around as they please.

This is where you will spin around on your seat to face outwards, as your feet dangle out of the helicopter.

Rest assured you'll be fasten to your seat and tethered, so there's no risk to you.

Get your camera ready as you approach Manhattan before all famous landmarks come into shot - not one important attraction will be missed.

Try to be imaginative with your photographing, by framing landmarks with your feet.

But all that is pointless unless you're wearing your best shoes. So make them bright with a contrast of colors that standout when against the New York City background.

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