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How much is a helicopter ride in NYC

New York City helicopter rides need to be purchased online as to get the best price, well ordering way in advanced will make sure you don't miss out.

It will cost you on average just $230 when taking a helicopter ride in NYC. From prices will be $159, again on average but expect to pay as little has $96.00. Base prices only, so there is an extra fee when departing Downtown Manhattan at $40. Cancel to avoid penalties, but outside 48 hours it won't cost you anything.

In order to provide you the most accurate prices mentioned within this piece; I've done so using seven top NYC helicopter operators who fly to and from all major landmarks.

Complete New York Helicopter tours will include all sights at a similar price; but no helicopter ride seeing all attractions can be completed within a short timeframe.

So for that reason be sure you consider price first, plus the flight duration.

Prices have been calculated from the top New York helicopter tour operators using there online booking pages - so are likely to change frequently - so check back.

Its important you remember that helicopter rides departing downtown Manhattan, via Pier 6, will incur a cover charge, per person.

I've only based prices on a per person bases so you get an idea how much it will cost, so double or triple the price if you're more than a party of one.

Expect a full refund if canceling in good time, though it is possible no refunds are given so your flight must go ahead.

Simply stroll to my operator price table to view all prices from all seven helicopter tour services - that should save you plenty of time when comparing prices.

Average price of NYC helicopter ride

How much it will cost you for a complete New York helicopter ride involving all the famous landmarks in the city, will be on average $230.00.

Depending on who you fly with it can cost more, or much less if you only want a limited flight duration.

On average, the 'From' price bracket will start at $159.00 - but can be a little less when selecting the tour that is within your budget.

Prices are based on per person, so remember a New York helicopter tour for 2 people, three of you, or a large group - will need to be considered in the price.

All average prices are taken from up to seven New York helicopter ride operators who depart out of downtown Manhattan Pier 6 Helicopter - or out of Kearny, New Jersey.

Who are the cheapest?

Cheapest way to take a helicopter ride around NYC is via FlyNylon - they are a service who operate a basic doors on or a scary doors off helicopter ride over New York.

Of their five exciting helicopter flight routes taking in all major landmarks; including: Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge and a helicopter ride around the Statue Of Liberty - to name a handful of locations...

It will cost you on average $160.00 as the cheapest offer when flying with FlyNylon, with a flight time of 15 to 30 minutes.

Who else offers low prices are Liberty Helicopters and so do HeliNY; costs vary but expect to pay between $200.00 to $250.00 to get that all important extra flight time.

As it happens most of the operators mentioned, and more offer a good price. Only you need to make sure the flight time is as long has you need it to be.

Higher prices when private

While I have not concentrated my efforts on pricing up New York City private helicopter charters - I have focused more on rides accessible to all visitors.

If you decide to take a private helicopter ride, it sure won't be cheap.

One price I have found - via Manhattan Helicopters - will cost $2,999.00 per flight, plus the $40.00 heliport fee if you would believe it.

Pricing on private charters is expected to make sure all seats in the helicopter are covered - so if its one or three of you - you'll be charged for 5 people if its a 5-seater capacity helicopter.

Try not to worry about the cost of private helicopter rides; what's available to you and what you can book online - should be sufficient to create an unforgettable experience.

Heliport Fee

Unfortunately, for anyone who has to arrive at Pier 6 for there tour; all Pier 6 helicopter ride departures incur a fee.

What that means for all passengers is a cost of anywhere between $35.00 to $40.00 - plus the cost of the helicopter ride.

Usually a fee will not apply if taking your helicopter ride from elsewhere; its only on the request of Pier 6, passengers incur a charge.

No wiggle room either as all guests must pay it on top of other costs.

If viewing the operators price table I've created below; you'll see all charges to be applied, but be warned - fees are not included in the price of a helicopter ride, they are added on later.

Cancellation will incur costs

Time to time a passenger or there group will have to cancel there flight as they will not be able to arrive at there scheduled departure as planned.

To which a cancellation will have to be made in order to avoid a full or partial refund.

Having looked at all NYC helicopter tour operators listed, I can tell you there cancellation policy is quite similar - and is outlined as following:

If you fail to show up with no warning, you will not be issued a refund of any kind.

When canceling outside a 48 hour window, you should receive a full refund. Inside this timeframe you will be charged anywhere between $25.00 to $50.00.

Operator price tables

When way you can get an idea how much a helicopter ride in NYC would be to view the prices publicly available.

I've done the grunt work for you by making a convenient table for you to look over at the New York helicopter tour company by name, duration of flight - plus how much it will cost.

You'll notice where there's a + symbol, that is where extra fees apply on top of list price.

Remember to pay attention to the Min. section as this is how long your flight is expected to be - so make sure its long enough to enjoy yourself - but not so long as to cost to much.

Prices displayed are likely to change as soon has the quoted prices were published, so do check up on prices by visiting operator web site.


HeliNY will fly you over New York departing their downtown Manhattan Heliport location at Pier 6 East River - New York, NY 10004.

Listed prices include an additional 'Flight Fee' or what is known as a Facility Free; that is charges added on to the original tour price.

No show guests will not be refunded, nor be entitled to rescheduling if failing to turn up.

NYC Tour Name: Min. Price:
The New Yorker Tour: 12-15 $189.00 + $35.00
The Ultimate Tour 17-20 $234.00 + $35.00
The Deluxe Tour 25-30 $319.00 + $35.00
VIP: Air AND Sea Tour 12-120 $289.00 + $35.00
City Lights Experience 25-30 $229.00 + $15.00

Liberty Helicopters

Liberty Helicopters depart from Downtown Manhattan Heliport, 6 East River Piers NY, NY 10004, much like most operators in the city.

If departing Kearny in New Jersey there will not be any more costs; when flying out of Manhattan, an additional cost will be added-on.

Not showing up for your flight will force you to forfeit your ticket with no refund given.

NYC Tour Name: Min. Price:
New York, New York 18-20 $275.00 + $30.00
The Big Apple 12-15 $180.00 + $30.00
City Lights Ride 15 $200.00
NYC Sunset Tour 15 $200.00
Harbor View Tour 10 $149.00

Manhattan Helicopters

Manhattan Helicopters is once again a helicopter tourist operator who will fly guests out of their convenient Pier 6 location sitting on the East River.

Failing to cancel your flight outside a 24 hour timeframe will see a $50.00 fine; well a cancellation inside a 24 hour window before departure, will result in no refund.

No shows will not be entitled to a refund, well a deposit may be required.

NYC Tour Name: Min. Price:
Liberty Harbor Helicopter Tour 12-15 $209.00 + $40.00
Classic Manhattan Helicopter Tour 12-15 $209.00 + $40.00
Big City Helicopter Tour 18-20 $289.00 + $40.00
Deluxe Manhattan Helicopter Tour 18-20 $289.00 + $40.00
Grand Island Helicopter Tour 25-30 $349.00 + $40.00
VIP Manhattan Helicopter Tour 25-30 $349.00 + $40.00
Private 30 Minute City Tour 30 2,999.00 + $40.00

New York Helicopter

New York Helicopter are located on 6 East River Piers in downtown Manhattan, or in Kearny, New Jersey - so be aware of this new location.

In addition to the list price, New York Helicopter add on a heliport fee of $35.00.

If you cancel outside a 48 hour timeframe you will receive a full refund. Canceling inside short window will be at cost - no shows will not be entitled to a refund.

NYC Tour Name: Min. Price:
Taste of NYC Tour (NJ) 12-15 $99.00 + $35.00
Ultimate NYC Tour (NJ) 20-25 $199.00 + $35.00
NYC Skyline Tour (NJ) 17-19 $169.00 + $35.00
Liberty Helicopter Tour 12-15 $234.00 + $35.00
Central Park Tour 17-19 $301.00 + $35.00
Grand Tour 20-25 $390.00 + $35.00


FlyNyon will depart all their helicopters tours out of Kearny in New Jersey - so no downtown Manhattan departure here.

Listed prices are always changing with FlyNyon so check regularly; no additional fees will apply, as there's zero heliport costs.

Requesting a change outside 48 hours will incur a $25.00 fee; inside that timeframe you will be charged $50.00 - all flights are non-refundable.

NYC Tour Name: Min. Price:
NYC Experience (doors off) 16-19 $128.00
NYC Classic (doors off) 30-33 $220.00
NYC Intro (doors on) 15-17 $96.00
NYC VIP (doors on) 27.30 $140.00
NYC Grand (doors on) 37-40 $220.00


HeliFlights will take off from their Linden, New Jersey base with a heading into New York City - with a bit of flight time needed to reach all landmarks promised.

No fees apply to their New Jersey heliport, so no extra costs are passed on to you.

Regarding their cancellation policy; all flights are non-refundable so you must change your plans outside 48 hours to avoid being charged a $50.00 free.

NYC Tour Name: Min. Price:
Manhattan Deluxe Tour (doors on) 25-30 $179.00
NYC Classic (doors on) 20-25 $165.00
Big Apple Premium (doors on) 30-35 $210.00
Doors Off Helicopter Adventure (doors off) 20-25 $549.00
NYC Photo Experience For Two (doors off) 20-25 $399.00

Zip Aviation

Zip Aviation is located on the downtown Manhattan Heliport at 6 East River Piers in New York, NY - known for their black helicopters with a yellow stripe.

Manhattan heliport charge the company to operate out of their riverside location, so the cost has to be passed on to you, at $40.00 - no more, no less.

If you fail to cancel outside a 48 hour window, expect it to be free of charge. If canceling inside that window, then a fee will apply.

NYC Tour Name: Min. Price:
Big City Helicopter Tour 20-25 $289.00 + $40.00
Liberty Harbor Helicopter Tour 15-20 $209.00 + $40.00
Grand Island Helicopter Tour 30-35 $349.00 + $40.00


So that is extent of how much a helicopter ride in NYC will be, based on per person, a reasonable $230.00 - and a starting From price of $159.00.

That means if you want to pay the cheapest price for a helicopter ride around New York, it will cost less than the average.

Likewise, the cost to pay can be much less, as to can it be much higher.

The cheapest NYC helicopter rides are through in order: New York Helicopter, FlyNylon, Liberty Helicopters, HeliNY, Zip Aviation/Manhattan Helicopters and HeliFlights.

I have not tallied up prices for private helicopter rides, as prices are on a qoute only bases - so not available to me.

How much it will cost you on average has not taken into consideration additional fees, such as heliport charges when flying out of downtown Manhattan.

Canceling a helicopter ride won't incur a fee if doing so outside 48 hours; inside this time will unfortunately incur a fee, starting at $25.00.

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