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Bell JetRanger 207 flying over Snowdonia mountains

Snowdonia helicopter flights

Prepare for one of the most magical helicopter pleasure flights in the UK with a ride into the mountainous Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.

Snowdonia helicopter rides are headed by Whizzard Helicopters as your heli tour company; the helicopter will depart Llanbedr Airfield or The Riverside Hotel in Betws-y-Coed into the heart of Snowdonia National Park. Flights will take you over woodlands, mountains and waterfalls to be seen over North Wales.

Allow me to help you book a Snowdonia helicopter tour that is worth your time. Thankfully the helicopter services are ahead of me with pre-determined flight paths.

Packages that are rearrange will insure you get the best out of what Snowdonia National Park has to offer you, as seen from the air.

Whizzard helicopters is the service that will fly you over Snowdonia; with a departure at the picturesque Craig-y-Dderwen Riverside Hotel in Betws-y-Coed or Llanbedr Airfield.

Helicopter model you'll be taking to the skies in will depend; though it will be the 5-seater Bell JetRanger 207 or 3-seater Robinson R44 - where everyone will get a window seat.

Flight times are 12 to 15 minutes at the shortest, and least expensive; whereas the 30 minute helicopter rides will insure you see it all at a higher cost.

Whoever you choose to book through, the packages available are the Magic & Mountains or Giants and Waterfalls.

So where the first focuses on mountains, the next one up will fly over waterfalls.

Snowdonia helicopter ride packages

To book a helicopter flight over Snowdonia you'll need to book a rearranged package deal that has been determined as the best flight path you can take.

With that in mind, focus is on the Magic & Mountains flight with a focus on the Snowdonia mountains, along with the magical feeling that will stir up along the way.

In the Giants and Waterfalls flight its all about mountains again, only the helicopter will take a flight that passes over a handful of popular waterfall destinations.

If you don't wish to book directly, Experience Days and IntoTheBlue offer these tours.

While most people will opt for the pre-determined package deals; its also possible to book up a different flight path offered through Red Letter Days.

Here you can pick one flight that has a flight time of up to 30 minutes; so there's no missing out as the helicopter ride takes in all Snowdonia hotspots.

Experience day prices:

Companies: Packages: Min: Price:
Experience Days Magic & Mountains 30 £149
Experience Days Giants and Waterfalls 15 £79
IntoTheBlue Magic & Mountains 30 £149
IntoTheBlue Giants and Waterfalls 15 £79
Red Letter Days 50 Mile Helicopter Tour of Snowdonia 30 £149
Red Letter Days 25 Mile Helicopter Tour of Snowdonia 12 £99

Magic & Mountains

What the magic and mountains helicopter ride package involves around is just that; taking in the sights of the Snowdonia mountains with a little magic along the way.

Departing Craig-y-Dderwen Riverside Hotel; once lifted off the helicopter flight path will soon head over the Snowdonia mountains.

With a heading of south-west, the Dolwyddelan castle will come into sight as it sitting on a small peak which should be easy to spot from the air.

Next heading is the historic mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog surrounding in woodlands and beautiful scenic countryside, before arriving over the village of Portmerion.

Now heading north, the beautiful village of Beddgelert will come into sight before the Castle Dinas Emrys is seen with its rocky hills and woodland slopes.

Finally, as you head back to Bettws, Snowdon will be seen as its the highest mountain in Wales and England.

Giants and Waterfalls

Giants and Waterfalls helicopter ride package entails the sights of the mountains, naturally - all while Snowdonia's waterfalls are the theme.

Once you've taking off from your departure point in Betws-y-Coed, up and away you'll go heading south.

First up is the village of Chapel Garmon with a focus on the parish church of St Garmon.

Further south is the secluded gorge of Fairy Glen on the River Conwy. Passing Conwy Falls you'll get to see one of the many waterfalls which is swimming in Salmon.

The sights of Dolwyddelan village will soon arrive with the Dolwyddelan Castle seen up high on the hill.

Up next is the village of Capel Curig with a whirlwind of routes for mountain climbers to scale, before turning back to River Conwy.

Heading back to Betws, you'll see the small market town of Llanrwst, before reaching Swallow Falls on the Llugwy River.

Booking a helicopter flight

Booking a Snowdonia helicopter pleasure flight couldn't be easier; simply do so via experience day services or go directly through Whizzard Helicopters.

Once you've gone through the process of ordering, you'll have an option to pick a date later on, rather than doing so right there.

Once you received your helicopter gift voucher, you're then free to pick a date to fly.

Flights happen only on selected weekend days in April through October only.

Booking with Whizzard is a simple process that requires you to add to basket, whereas the process is simple with IntoTheBlue, Red Letter Days and Experience Days.

In receiving your voucher, its imperative you check the expiry date as all booked flights have a limited time to redeem the ride.

Helicopter tour service

Helicopter tour company taking care of your Snowdonia helicopter tour is Whizzard helicopters, based in Welshpool.

Only you won't fly out of Welshpool as Whizzard Helicopters have bases setup near the Snowdonia National Park, thus allowing you to avoid long haul flights.

The company has been in business for almost 20 years with a magnificent safety record with highly experienced pilots acting as your pilot and tour guide.

Whizzard Helicopters allow you to book a helicopter flight online, or make use of booking a ride via a number of helicopter experience services...

Namely Red Letter Days, Experience Days and IntoTheBlue are placed to book Snowdonia helicopter flights via Whizzard Helicopters.

Five or Three-Seater Helicopter

The helicopter you or your group will be flying in is a reputable, highly reliable 5 seater Bell 207 JetRanger helicopter used to take visitors over Snowdonia.

Powered with a single turbine engine well using a twin rater blade; the helicopter is capable of flying a range of 385 km with a flight time of 3 hours, 30 minutes.

Passing over the beautiful Snowdonia park below you will be seen at 110 to 120 knots (138mph) as the JetRanger has a cruise speed of 120 knots; though its not always expected to cruise at the maximum speed.

Excluding the pilot, there's a passenger seat in the front with three seats facing forward in the back.

Middle seat passenger will end up picking the short straw; but unfortunately seating arrangements will be determined by the helicopter company, not by its passengers.

If you end up flying in the much smaller Robinson R44, this three-seater helicopter will allow for a window seat for all passengers.

North Wales departures

Despite Whizzard Helicopters being based in Welshpool; helicopter flights over Snowdonia will depart nearer to the National Park.

Advantage to making use of closer departure locations allows for your Snowdonia helicopter flight to focus on just that, Snowdonia.

If departing Welshpool for example, much of your helicopter ride will take up more time heading to Snowdonia, rather than spending valuable time seeing the park itself.

Instead, Whizzard Helicopters have setup shop in the National Park; thus the park will come into view as soon has you've taken off.

So where will you be departing from before arriving back 15 to 30 minutes later will be at one of two potential locations.

The Riverside Hotel in Betws-y-Coed

Conwy located in the North Wales is one of your two helicopter pleasure flight departure locations; based at the Craig-y-Dderwen Riverside Hotel in Betws-y-Coed.

Peaceful, isolated location surrounded by beautiful woodlands positioned next to the River Conwy.

The Riverside Hotel has large grounds where at the far end there is the helicopter landing site, which is marked with a big H.

Its here where you'll depart in the helicopter with free parking nearby.

Arriving early will allow you to explore the grounds or hotel; where you can take a quick walk to the nearby village of Betws-y-Coed with a cafe or shopping available.

Llanbedr Airfield

Not as exciting as a Craig-y-Dderwen Riverside Hotel departure location but for aviation enthusiasts, what better way to see other aircrafts coming and going.

Located further south, Llanbedr Airfield is situated near the coast with Shell Island awaiting your arrival as you visit the area off the coast.

Off to the East is Llanbedr village where time can be spent visiting the town for shopping or getting a bite to eat.

No need to use you car as the airfield is located near to the village, so a short commute by foot between the village and airfield is quick and easy.

Depending on the flight you book on what day, there's no telling where your departure location will be until you've booked up.

To summarise

When booking a Snowdonia helicopter flight, do so with the intention of traveling to The Riverside Hotel in Betws-y-Coed or Llanbedr Airfield in North Wales.

Accessibly is available through car journey's with hard to get to rail services stopping nearby your departure destination.

In which case if arriving by foot, you'll make up the rest of the trip by taxi.

Whizzard Helicopters is the service that will take care of you, all while making sure you are looked after on the ground.

Helicopter type you'll be flying in is a 5-seater Bell JetRanger or 3-seater Robinson R44, depending on the day or location.

Regardless of if its a 15 or 30 minute helicopter ride, much of Snowdonia National Park can be seen in a short amount of time.

It is possible to take longer helicopter rides if you wish to arrange a charter flight.

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