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Passengers seen inside Paradise Helicopters Bell 407 in flight

Kailua-Kona helicopter tours guide

Require a location for Big Island helicopter tours? Kona should be your departure point as it serves a number of the best air adventures on the Island of Hawaii.

Costly are the words to explain Kailua-Kona helicopter tours; to which there are fifteen tour options available. Focus is on volcanoes with lava fields, hovering near cliffs or cascading waterfalls, or soar above the coast. High-costs are matched with long flight times or half day excursions that include a landing tour.

Guests you wish to book a helicopter tour in Kona may do so as you could be staying there in a hotel or visiting the city briefly so will want to make the must of it.

If you want to see the Island of Hawaii at its finest, doing so will require booking a Kona departure as this location offers the best helicopter tours on the Big Island. in my opinion.

Its over to you to book a tour via Mauna Loa or Paradise Helicopters.

Both of whom offer a very different approach to a unique helicopter tour experience.

Mauna Loa operate a Robinson R44 which is a 3-seater helicopter that is light and feels very agile, so can be quite thrilling.

Paradise Helicopters will take groups up to six in their 6-seater Bell 407 or book a special Magnum P.I. helicopter tour experience in a 4-seater MD500.

Upgrades are made available via Paradise where guests can book a window seat, co-pilot seat, require a Big Island doors off helicopter tour or make it a tour with a landing.

Price list table

Operator: Tour Name: Duration: Cost:
Mauna Loa Helicopters Big Island Experience 2hr $560
Mauna Loa Helicopters Magical Waterfalls Tour 2hr $310
Mauna Loa Helicopters Kona Sunset Experience 30min $190
Mauna Loa Helicopters Kona Coast Helicopter Tour 30min $190
Paradise Helicopters Kohala Coast Waterfalls & Remote Hike 2hr $475
Paradise Helicopters Circle Island Experience 2hr $599
Paradise Helicopters Kohala Coast & Waterfalls 1hr $375
Paradise Helicopters Volcano by Air & Land 10hr $787
Paradise Helicopters Experience Hawai'i 1hr45min $559
Paradise Helicopters Volcano Kohala Landing 3hr $659
Paradise Helicopters Air Zip & Dip Adventure 6hr30min $922
Paradise Helicopters Waterfall Heli-Trek 8hr $838
Paradise Helicopters Big Island Expedition 10hr $599
Paradise Helicopters Family Helicopter Ride & Zipline 10hr $773
Paradise Helicopters Sunset Experience 2hr15min $639
Fifteen helicopter tours in Kona, Hawaii; of whom are only served by two helicopter tour companies - notice the extended tour duration increases the price drastically.

Not for those of you on a tight budget during your short stay on the Big Island, as Kailua-Kona helicopter tours are among the most expensive on the Island of Hawaii.

However, so you know the high-end costs are not overpriced at all; so if you compare the cost to the flight/landing tour duration, prices are inline with other tour options.

Basically you're paying more because the Big Island helicopter tours last over two hours or more, on average.

To avoid disappointment in realising you could of got a better deal later on, let's delve into your options.

Let's begin with Mauna Loa to serve up your helicopter tours from Kona; the options are the cheapest Big Island helicopter tours, but matched with a generous two hour flight time, minimum.

Not only that, Mauna Loa Helicopters still offer the very cheapest helicopter tours; Kona, Hawaii departures don't effect the prices per se, only the flight duration.

Paradise Helicopters prices need to be looked at as 'starting from' only; as upgrade options are tempting, so will increase the total cost.

Fifteen helicopter tours

Helicopter tours in Kona serve up an impressive fifteen 'off-the-shelf' helicopter tour packages; to which are catered to thrill seekers or families with young children.

Know that helicopter tours in Kona, Hawaii are probably the best Big Island helicopter tours you're ever likely to experience on the island.

Paradise Helicopters will serve up most of the tour options that will bring you within touching distance of the Big Island's major attractions.

Flight routes on the high-end price range plus extended flight durations can circle the island somewhat, but offer time inland as well has out on the coast.

Not a full circle mind you but where the prices are low, the flight duration just might be a flight route near to Kailua-Kona only.

With no time to waste, let's get a more in-depth look at helicopter tours in Kona, Hawaii - that are served on the Big Island - or Island of Hawaii as you'll refer to it.

Excluded are a flight route map per tour but can often be accessed via the official tour package listing - all linked to in an active blue link below.

  • Big Island Experience
  • Visit Page | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 2 Hours | Price: $560
  • Private tour only for three guests who will experience the Big Island's Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, Hawaii’s tallest mountains.
  • Magical Waterfalls Tour
  • Visit Page | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 2 Hours | Price: $310
  • Big Island is home to amazing waterfalls to which are the focus of this tour; see Kohala Mountains, Waipio Valley, then over to Honopue, Honokea, Honokane Iki.
  • Kona Sunset Experience
  • Visit Page | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 30 Minutes | Price: $190
  • View the coastline for up to 30 minutes on this sunset theme tour; not necessarily for couples, so can be booked for pro photography purposes.
  • Kona Coast Helicopter Tour
  • Visit Page | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 30 Minutes | Price: $190
  • Kona Coast flight route that heads northbound to Kua Bay, Kiholo Bay, Hapuna Beach and Kawaihae, or southbound to Honokohau Bay, Kona Town, Keauhou.
  • Kohala Coast Waterfalls & Remote Hike
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 2 Hours | Price: $475
  • Fitness needed as the helicopter tour will take in the Big Islands best waterfalls, lava and cliffs; then its a landing to take an extended remote hike adventure.
  • Circle Island Experience
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 2 Hours | Price: $599
  • Complete Big Island helicopter tour that circles the island well viewing the Kona coffee district, then slopes of Mauna Loa to the southern-most town in the US.
  • Kohala Coast & Waterfalls
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 1 Hour | Price: $375
  • Head to the Kohala coast to see her stunning cliff face then hover within reach of a number of cascading, mountain high waterfalls.
  • Volcano by Air & Land
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 10 Hours | Price: $787
  • Kona helicopter volcano tour that allows guests to explore the Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park area on a helicopter flight plus a tour on foot.
  • Experience Hawai'i
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 1 Hour, 45 Minutes | Price: $559
  • Ultimate air adventure that will spend time exploring five volcanoes, viewing black sand beaches, plus waterfalls that cascade down 2,000-foot valleys.
  • Volcano Kohala Landing
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 3 Hours | Price: $659
  • Partake in a helicopter tour of the Big Island before landing on an exclusive, inaccessible landing spot to explore the Kohala area in detail.
  • Air Zip & Dip Adventure
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 6 Hours, 30 Minutes | Price: $922
  • Family adventure that will first take in the Big Island on a helicopter tour before ending the day with a rainforest zipline activity plus a hike to a private waterfall.
  • Waterfall Heli-Trek
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 8 Hours | Price: $838
  • Begin with a helicopter tour that focuses on all major attractions, then end it with a landing to explore one of the island's many waterfalls on the ground.
  • Big Island Expedition
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 10 Hours | Price: $599
  • Explore the island in the air before the helicopter tour heads over to Hilo for a landing to visit the downtown area for a self-guided walk to popular tourist spots.
  • Family Helicopter Ride & Zipline
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 10 Hours | Price: $773
  • View all of the what the Big Island has to offer you in the air before making a landing to allow the whole family time to zipline.
  • Sunset Experience
  • Visit Page | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 2 Hours, 15 Minutes | Price: $639
  • View the beaches and lava fields on the Kona and Kohala Coasts; then over to Kohala Mountains, Mauna Loa - plus Pu‘uhonua ‘o Hōnaunau at sunset.

Mauna Loa or Paradise

Arriving at Kailua-Kona as a party of one, a couple or a whole family; all you need to do is pick who will be the best helicopter tour operator to fulfil your needs.

Mauna Loa Helicopters

When booking with Mauna Loa know that the company tend to cater to private tours only, so you'll need to fill up three seats maximum.

Guests will embark on there Big Island helicopter tour departing Kona onboard an agile Robinson R44.

Its capable of carrying three passengers, all of whom are guaranteed a side seat.

Make it a doors on tour if bringing young children or be sure to do it as a doors off tour for unrestricted views.

Paradise Helicopters

Company who operate a multitude of tours, of which are fulfilled by two types of helicopters.

Families will want to book a tour using a 6-seater, passenger capacity Bell 407 with three seats facing forwards, two backwards - plus a single co-pilot seat.

If its something a little more adventurous you need then climb aboard Paradise's replica Magnum P.I. helicopter with the doors off, or on if you want.

Seating configuration in the Hughes 500, or MD500 is two passengers in the rear with two guests taking up the co-pilots seats next to the pilot.

Kona Airport departures

Why you might want to book a helicopter tour over the Big Island via Kona can be for convenience as its within traveling distance, or the tours on offer are of interest to you.

Guests staying in Kona for the duration of there trip only need to pop over to Kona International Airport to arrive at your departure point.

Its not exclusive to only the one helicopter tour company either; as both Mauna Loa and Paradise Helicopters are situated on the airport.

Not only that but the companies are neighbours as there offices are side by side.

Once you've arrived at this location - with FREE customer parking on site - you'll need to arrive in time to get checked-in - which will require photo I.D.

Guests will be led out to the tarmac where the helicopters line the helipad.

Its then up to the pilot to taxi the helicopter southbound or northbound safely out of the Kona airport airspace.

High-cost tour range

One major sticking point for guests who wish to depart for a Big Island helicopter excursion might be disappointed with the price range.

Know that prices match an extended tour duration that are available via Kona than say cheaper helicopter tours out of Hilo.

If you want a cheaper helicopter tour then please be sure to book via Hilo on the east coast, if its easily accessible to you.

High-costs associated with Kona helicopter tours only match the length of the tour.

Costs can be a limit to most visitors budgets but you'll be in good hands via Mauna Loa Helicopters with their low cost tours.

Remember though, low costs usually equal a short helicopter tour duration.

Longer tours certainly sky-rocket the prices upward of $500 or more.

Extended tour duration

No where else in Hawaii can you participate in a helicopter tour that lasts up to a ten hours, which you can in Kona via Paradise Helicopters.

Extended tour durations are the norm when departing via Kailua-Kona but is matched with high prices.

Catering to most is Mauna Loa's 30 minutes tours with only the one hour tour available.

Next up is two hour helicopter tours that can be as little as $310 up to $599 - after this flight times increase drastically.

That means the costs are sky high so will be way above tourists budgets in most cases.

Where Kona helicopter rides have long, half day tours that are not air only; in fact it will include a landing where hours can be spent touring on foot or participating in an activity.

For example, the ten hour helicopter tours will include two hours flying over the Island of Hawaii, before landing for up to eight hours to partake in an adventure.


Up to fifteen helicopter tours exclusive to Kailua-Kona well departing Kona International Airport, can be booked via two helicopter tour companies.

High-cost tours that focus more on air and landing adventures that can take up half a day, so the prices can cover up to ten hour excursions.

Matching the high costs are indeed the lengthy flight plus a landing duration so its up to you to find out who has the best offer.

Mauna Loa will cater to those of you on a tighter budget, well Paradise Helicopters are certainly on the higher end, price wise.

Know that if you book a tour with Mauna Loa or Paradise; the companies are actually neighbours with offices side by side where guests make there way to the check-in desks of each building.

If you feel the prices are out of reach you can always consider booking a helicopter tour that departs say Hilo for cheaper options.

Helicopter tours via Kona will explore the islands active volcanoes with lava fields; to hovering near cliff faces to cascading waterfalls.

It will happen in a family friendly 6-seater Bell 407 or why not book a doors off tour in a 4-seater, Magnum replica MD500.

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